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Project 03

Activist Architecture: The Philosophy & Practice of Community Design Center
w/Dan Pitera (DCDC, 2015)

Alarmed by what we saw as the unnecessary and dangerous marginalization of architecture in the public realm, Activist Architecture presents a unique set of essays and practical models that move the conversation about the value of architecture away from visual aesthetics only to include visible ethics as well. Rooted in the belief everyone regardless of race, gender or class should have access to the hard-earned expertise of architects, Activist Architecture is the first book to combine the philosophical justification, historical foundation and practical organization of community design centers and their influence on the profession, academy and society. Written by some of the most prominent historians, critics, practitioners and theorists in the field today – leading thinkers and practitioners in the area of ethics and aesthetics – it’s both a “why-to” and “how-to” guide for establishing a community design center in all of its various iterations.

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