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Craig L. Wilkins
Craig L. WIlkins

In its broadest sense, my work seeks to assist those who love architecture to find a meaningful relationship with Black America while simultaneously encouraging Black Americans to reclaim a similar relationship with the built environment. I’ve found writing a particularly effective means for engaging that long-term project. Architecture has a long, storied history of scholarship as an effective means of disciplinary and public discourse, and it’s within this legacy I’ve chosen to primarily engage as both practice and pedagogy. Writing unapologetically from a decidedly marginalized perspective for multiple professional & public audiences, each piece is a form of serious civic engagement; each a proposition about design and its role and impact in society. As an architect of color, it’s not my desire to work or live in separate worlds: one where architecture has no meaning; the other where people of color have no relevance.

So, I write the gap away...

In the pubic...

In the pubic...

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All Categories

National Design Awards in Detroit: Designing Equitable Healthy Cities

Design in Dialogue #32: Craig L. Wilkins

Design for Spatial Justice Lecture Series: Georgeen Theodore and Craig Wilkins

Speaking of the Arts Interview on KOPN CPublic Radio KOPN Columbia MO (1Feb 2020)
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Craig Wilkins talks Hip Hop Architecture and the intersection of design and activism with Olga Stella - Detroit City of Design Podcast - Episode 2 (2 Jul 2019)
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Craig Wilkins talks about his experience in desgn with Maurice Cherry - Revision Path Podcast - Episode 191 (17 May 2017)
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